Vinson/Haas Automotive
4.91/5.00, based on 56 ratings; 47 user reviews

  Jack, 05/03/2018

These folks are the best!

  Jeff, 04/26/2018

Another trip to Vinson/Haas last week - and still amazed at the excellent service and reasonable prices. It's nice to be able to trust my car repairs will be done correctly and nothing unnecessary will be added to the bill. John and his team really know their cars - mine are Mercedes and Nissan - and do a great job. Think of them the next time you need service. You'll be impressed.

  George, 03/08/2018

This shop does a great job at looking over all of your cars mechanical systems to catch problems before they get too bad.

  Sarah, 02/22/2018

Andy, Amy and each other member of the Vinson/Haas team always treats me fairly and with respect. They go out of their way with the repairs and service I get done on my aging Honda, and they are my favorite choice for oil changes. Thanks, guys!

  Jack, 01/11/2018

Did what they said, at a great price, in the time they said and were pleasant to deal with. As always! Thanks!

  Brent, 11/16/2017

Only auto-shop in the Valley that I trust with my vehicles!

  Tanner, 11/02/2017

I have a 2012 F-250 Superduty that had the death wabble. John and his team took the time to diagnose the issue in a timely manner and repair my truck. this was all done in 4 to 5 hours. I highly recommend Vinson/Haas Automotive to anyone who wants their vehicles serviced correctly!

  Susan, 09/29/2017

5 stars. I am given an explanation of what is going on with my car and it is taken care of that day. Waiting for my car to be finished is comfortable in the reception room. All staff are friendly and helpful.

  Gregg, 09/28/2017

Vinson/Haas Has always treated me with kindness and respect, and offered great service at a fair price. They don't offer to fix things that aren't broken, and let you know if we need to keep watch on anything.

  Retta, 09/16/2017

Love these guys. They are friendly, honest, capable, fast. What's not to like??

  Paul, 08/04/2017

As usual.... you did a great job.... thanks!

  David, 07/27/2017

Always does a great job and you can trust them.

  Kathie, 07/06/2017

good professional service.....front desk to service shop

  Aleta, 06/08/2017

Just had my 75k mile service plus A/C flush, oil change, etc. at Vinson Haas. The work was done on time and, once again, everyone was professional and easy to deal with. I really like this place and have recommended Vinson Haas to several people. No crazy hidden costs, no list of "highly recommended" and expensive treatments or repairs, just good thorough work at a normal price (not the sky-high dealership prices).

  Tamara & Serge, 06/01/2017

My husband and I recently moved to just north of Old Town and my 2016 Mazda6 was in need of an oil change and a brake tune up. I found the garage on the Car Talk website (my brother is a mechanic and always recommends using their site to find a garage). Scheduling the appointment was very easy and Amy did a great job answering my questions. The techs analyzed my brakes and even though there was some life left, they recommended replacement. I was given an estimate, they ordered them and installed them in a period of a few hours. Not that anyone ever looks forward to car service, but I'm not dreading having to take either of our cars back to Vinson/Haas.

  Wenhang, 05/18/2017

Honest and professional Great place to get your car repaired.

  Janet, 04/21/2017

as always, the service is excellent at the Vinson/ Haas Automotive center.I have only wonderful things to say about them ,customer service is great

  Pam, 02/16/2017

As always, service is top notch........and you don't even charge for spider removal!!!! Pam Harvey

  Tanner, 02/10/2017

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Fair pricing and true to their word.

  Bob, 01/05/2017

Love this place and Love Amy and John. They do great work and are as honest as they get. Hard to find in the auto repair industry!